Two bikers with Trek Fuel EXe E-Bike riding a trail in forest

The TQ-HPR50 E-Bike System

It's riding, but better

The TQ-HPR50 is the combination of perfectly matched components with only a single purpose: Taking your biking experience to the next level.

The HPR50 Drive Unit with our patented Harmonic Pin-Ring transmission is the heart and soul of the system and weighs only 1,850 g. Combined with our 360 Wh battery, the fully integrated 2”-display and our minimalistic remote, we’ve created the lightest e-bike system in its category weighing just 3,900 grams.


The HPR50 technology



Smallest system in its class.

g weight
W power
Nm torque
mm Q-factor
Trail riding with Trek Fuel EXe E-bike with integrated battery


Battery isolated with shadow

The BATTERY with 360 Wh was specifically developed for the HPR50 Drive Unit and combines maximum efficiency with a compact form. Thanks to the low weight of only 1,830 g, the dynamics of an analog bike can be retained. 

Operating TQ display in integrated Trek Fuel EXe E-Bike


Display isolated with shadow

The DISPLAY is perfectly integrated into the frame and acts as the control center. Even in adverse lighting conditions it provides all the important information about the battery status, selected riding mode, available range and much more. With ANT+ connection you can easily connect your smartphone or bike computer.

Control of ergonomic TQ e-bike remote


Remote isolated with shadow

The REMOTE gives you full control over the HPR50 system without the need to take your hands off the handlebars. It provides an intuitive and easy way to switch between the three support modes and the information shown on the display. In case the climb get’s especially steep, the walk mode supports you on the last meters to the summit.

Biker plugs range extender into Trek Fuel EXe e-bike

Range Extender

Range Extender isolated with shadow

Only the size of a 500 ml water bottle, the lightweight Range Extender integrates nicely into the frame of your e-bike. Thanks to its Dual Charge Port, the Range Extender can be charged simultaneously with the main battery without the need to be removed from the frame. With a capacity of 160 Wh, the Range Extender has enough energy to stretch your after-work laps to an epic all-day ride.


Biker jumps with Trek Fuel EXe e-bike through forest at dusk

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