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Uniting the best of both worlds, creating unmatched experience without any compromises. The new family of bikes with seamlessly integrated TQ-HPR50 e-bike system is steadily growing. It’s up to you, your preferences and expectations. With more fun in mind it’s cycling but better. Made specifically for the modern kind of rider.


Trek Fuel EXe

The Trek Fuel EXe is a powerful trail bike that wins the confidence of the rider with its fast progressive geometry. The bike is built for maximum fun on technical trails and rough terrain.

The first bike with TQ-HPR50. The dawn of a new era.

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The RAPCON PMAX TQ is a true enduro bike. Which easily swallows every root section or stone field on the downhill. And now thanks to the invisible TQ-HPR50 you will get uphill faster than ever.

A perfect bike for challenging terrain, steep climbs and rough terrain.

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BMC Fourstroke AMP LT

Get more out of your XC trails with Fourstroke AMP LT. Super agile bike with minimalistic, for BMC, typical design, it lets you carry speed with confidence on technical trails up or down.

It’s a fast bike that performs on any terrain and goes even faster.

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Scott Lumen eRIDE

Scott Lumen eRIDE

Take the best Cross-Country/Trail platform to date, the Spark 900, top it off with 130mm of travel, add an electric assistance with the super-quiet and powerful TQ-HRP50, yet keep its legendary lightweight DNA, and you are ready to ride any trail at Nino’s speed.

An E-MTB lightweight, for maximum trail fun.

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The ROTWILD R.X275 is the athlete: impulsive power right at the start, steady energy on the track, with the boost at an obstacle.

What counts is your biological rhythm on this new way of biking - the light trail bike with eAssist.

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Preferring long distances and extreme speeds to unleash a load of pure adrenaline on XC routes embodying the essence of its name: Rampage, the first e-mtb by Fantic in the light e-mtb segment.

Designed with a focus on lightness, boasts a full carbon frame weighing just 15,5kg in its high-end version.

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Mondraker Neat RR SL


The Mondraker Neat is a powerful trail bike. With its 160 mm in the front and 150 mm of suspension travel in the rear, the bike is perfect for tackling challenging trails with rocky sections, jumps, and everything that comes with it.

It's a bike that remains stable at high speeds while still being agile enough for technical trails.

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STEVENS E-Maverick AM 9.4.3

STEVENS E-Maverick AM 9.4.3

Playful. Light. Silent. That's what the E-Maverick AM 9.4.3 with TQ Boost stands for. The modern full carbon frame refined with top components and the 29-inch wheels result in a 16.5 kg light and playful E-MTB.

Dynamically climb mountains, ride trails at full speed and enjoy maximum control – experience it for yourself.

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Drop Bar

TREK Domane+ SLR

The Domane+ SLR pedals, sounds and feel like an analog road bike while providing a natural-feeling boost for the steepest climbs, windy days or extra-long adventures.

Gain more speed, ride more miles and have more fun with the Domane+ SLR.

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BMC Roadmachine 01 AMP X

BMC Roadmachine 01 AMP X

The Roadmachine 01 AMP X is a road e-bike that extend the riding experience. The HPR50 unlocks longer or faster rides, depending on your preferences. Suspension stem for more comfort, modern safety features and premium quality wrap up the overall package.

A fast road e-bike with additional features for more comfort and safety.

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Scott Solace

Scott Solace eRIDE

The Scott Solace eRIDE is both a Road and Gravel platform - two bikes in one. Clean do-it-all design, generous tire clearance and carbon frame. Thanks to the TQ-HPR50, the Solace is a lightweight e-bike package with a super natural feel and excellent range.

A highly versatile do-it-all endurance bike.

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The Nytro E line with TQ-HPR50 opens a world of possibilities to experience cycling!

This range is designed for all cyclists looking to enjoy the emotions of cycling. Allowing to tackle long rides and the steep climbs of alpine passes with more power and confidence. 

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Bergamont E-Vitess Expert Gent

Bergamont E-Vitess

Accelerate your commute with hidden power: Fully integrated, super light and extremely quiet TQ-HPR50 drive unit with a 360 Wh intube battery.

With the innovative lighting and safety concept featuring a daytime running headlight and rear brake light functionality you navigate confidently through the urban jungle.

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The Silkcarbon TQ is a comfortable trekking bike with high stiffness level optimize to get you from A to B as fast as possible. It performs well in the city as well as off the beaten path.

Get impressed by its high end elegant urban appearance.

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