The Harmonic Pin-Ring is standing free on a white stone

The Harmonic Pin-Ring

The technology for the most natural riding experience

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The Harmonic Pin-Ring, or "HPR", is the result of TQ's decades-long experience in the development of electric motors used for robots, satellites or Mars rovers. By further developing our patented Harmonic Pin-Ring technology, we were able to design a harmonic drive gear that allows seamless and silent integration in an e-bike system.

Common e-bike mid motors are driven by an electric motor and a combination of cog wheels and planetary gears, making them clunky, heavy and noisy. More moving parts also mean more things that emit noise and can potentially break.

By using our HPR transmission, we were able to develop a lightweight and extremely compact motor design around the bottom bracket ball bearing, consisting of only a few parts and thus making the motor almost invisible. By eliminating additional gears that cause friction, noise, wear and potential sources of error, we were able to make the drive unit even more efficient. The result are e-bikes that sound, look and feel like analog bikes – but better! It’s technology you can feel. It's Advanced, Naturally.

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