Person holding smartphone showing TQ app.

The TQ E-Bike App

Keep it clean. Keep it simple.

The TQ E-Bike App lets riders connect, customize and control their TQ-powered e-bike without any additional nicknack.

On your ride, the most important information is displayed as simply as possible, so you can fully concentrate on your ride while enjoying the moment.

Two smartphones with two screens each. The left side shows the home screen and the right side the connectivity options of two bikes.


The TQ E-Bike App, developed by our partner GPS Tuner, is available and free to download to your smartphone from here:

App for iOS App for Android

The app connects easily with your e-bike via Bluetooth.

Overview & Motor Tuning

While riding, only the most important information is displayed. Take a quick look as soon as you have just a second to spare while riding.

The most interesting feature in settings is probably Motor Tuning. Here, you can fully customize your motor in any riding mode. You want maximum pedal response in mid mode, 200 % assist in high mode or set the maximum support speed? You got it. Customize your own riding style with the TQ E-Bike App!

Settings & Software Updates

The Settings button contains My Bike, engine tuning and configuration, as well as the Help menu, which contains all the important information on manuals, error codes and FAQs. This is accessible without a Bluetooth connection to the bike, so you can help yourself quickly and easily.

In the My Bike section, you can check which software versions are installed on the bike. This feature is an easy way to check the status of your bike with the current software versions and have any necessary updates performed by your dealer. The current software versions can be found here.

If you prefer not to use the remote control, there is also a smart solution via ANT+ connected devices such as cycling computers or sports watches. This makes switching between the three riding modes even more variable.

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