Product Manager Daniel Theil stands in front of Franka Emika robot

We are TQ

The producer of complete e-bike systems

TQ stands for Technology in Quality, which is the foundation for everything we do.


Behind every technology are people who are brave enough to turn their dreams into reality and dare to be different. We have brilliant technical minds, innovators and software magicians at TQ. But that is not the only thing which enables us to create e-bike systems.

It’s also our passion for cycling, which runs through the whole team. We have the perfect mix of tech nerds and bike enthusiasts. The inner deep understanding of the unique feeling, that gets triggered sitting on a bike is the connecting link which helps us to put the needs of cyclists at the heart of our work.

Our engineers work alongside the production team in Inning am Ammersee and strive to turn the dream of better bikes into reality. Everyone has their own little passion about that, an inner love for something specific – and by projecting our passion and enthusiasm into everything we do, we were able to develop the new groundbreaking HPR50 e-bike system. And we are ready to share it with every cyclist who joins us for the ride.

We take care of the technology, so you can completely focus on the good stuff - like riding.

Explore our passion and who we are and you will understand why this team and our technology are so unique!

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The team behind the innovative HPR50 e-bike system

We don’t just dream big, we meet our goals and then move directly on to the next challenge. We support bike designers to do the same by helping them turn their dream of beautiful e-bikes – that don’t compromise on the riding performance – into reality. E-bikes which feel and look like analog bikes. Light, quiet and natural – thanks to a small, innovative drive unit that is not intrusive – advanced, naturally.

We help you, the riders, to realize your dreams of riding further with your friends and enable you to pack even more downhills into your afterwork laps. Whether you are getting back on the bike or showing off your newest pride and joy – we feel you! This is the spirit we share. This is the spirit in which we ride.

We are always looking for motivated, like-minded people to join us for the ride – check out the open job opportunities over here.

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Who is TQ?

TQ was founded in 1994 in Southern Bavaria, Germany. Over the past almost 30 years, we’ve grown from a two-man shop based in a barn into an international leading tech company with more than 1,700 employees.

TQ started out with developing electronic components and embedded systems. That’s where we came from and that is still our main business. But we’ve also been in the world of e-bikes since 2008 and we’ve been striving to revolutionize e-bikes through ground breaking technology ever since.

TQ’s heritage in aerospace and robotics as well as more than twenty five years of experience in electronics design enable us to create the best possible combination of innovative  technologies that seamlessly integrate into the next generation of e-bikes which ride, feel and look like analog bikes.

The heart of the system – the HPR50 drive unit – is completely made in Germany and not only developed but also assembled at our production site in Inning. The rest of the system, for the most part, is made in Europe to ensure highest quality standards and short transportation.

Our start-up mentality, backed by the support of the entire TQ Group puts us in the unique position to change the world of e-bikes and set ourselves apart from our competitors.

If you would like to learn more about the TQ Group visit our website.

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