Steffi Marth stands on the jetty in Sweden with e-bike

5 Essential Tips for Camping with an ebike Camping in Sweden with Steffi Marth

The Adventure

Sweden's adventure called, and we could not resist! I am Steffi Marth, a professional mountain biker, and I went on a camping vacation with my husband and my ebike. Our vision of picturesque landscapes and peaceful nature was magnetically pulling us in. When we decided to drive to Sweden with a camper, we didn't realize, how many other tourists would have the same idea. However, we were easily able to escape the hustle and bustle. Before we dive into the details, let's immerse ourselves in the picturesque notions that the word "Sweden" evokes: calm lakes, green forests, falun red houses, and an aura of silence and relaxation? That was at least our idea of Sweden. And much of it we experienced exactly like that. For those who also search for this kind of relaxation, an ebike is the perfect choice to explore the beautiful Swedish nature.

Highway to Sweden
Camper van passes Swedish house
Swedish house on the waterfront

Why ebike?

Having an eMTB helps tremendously in searching for quiet, secluded spots. Essentially, you can drive anywhere, explore new paths, and comfortably return to your starting point with assistance. In my case, this was very handy as I am heavily pregnant. On my trip, I had the Trek Fuel EXe with TQ-HPR50. With the natural support and the quiet motor, there was nothing standing in the way of my idyllic mountain biking adventure. My husband was on an acoustic bike, and together, both riding our own pace, we could enjoy Swedish nature by bike. Our mountain biking highlight was the trails around the Sandsjön lakes in southern Sweden. There are also some trail centers nearby that you can visit, but we were definitely looking for the natural gems. You can find the exact route and tips on camping in the wild on my blog.

E-bike handlebars point to jetty

My Top 5 Tips

On the tour, we noticed a few things that you should consider before setting off with the ebike and the camper. Here are my insights summarized in 5 points.

Tip No 1: How to properly store your ebike

Choosing the right camper van, the ability to store the bikes, was paramount for me. I opted for a Sunlight V66, a small but luxurious camper van with a spacious garage under the generous bed. Additionally, the camper is also equipped with a bike rack. Since we also store other items like tables and chairs in the garage, we mounted one bike in the garage and one on the bike rack. Depending on the ebike, you should keep an eye on the maximum weight of the luggage rack. However, my light Trek Fuel EXe, weighing about 19kg, would fit anywhere, even a few more of them.

Garage in camper with stored e-bikes
Garage in mobile home from inside with stored e-bikes
E-bike on bike rack on camper

If you have the luxury of a garage, I would always recommend storing the bikes inside and additionally securing them with a lock – even when storing the bikes on the rack. This gives you a secure feeling and ensures a peaceful sleep.

The battery is mounted in the frame of this bike, so you don't have to pay much attention to the storage of it. Some ebikes also have removable batteries. In cases of extreme cold or heat, it makes sense to protect the battery from extreme temperatures. Just like with a cell phone, direct sunlight for an extended period isn't particularly good for the battery. So, if you store the battery in the car, protect it from direct sunlight, shocks, and liquids.

Tip No 2: Charging options – how to keep your ebike always charged

If you are at a campsite with an electricity connection, charging the ebikes from the 230V socket is of course no problem. As Sweden's "everyman's right" applies, you can stand autonomously in many places in addition to the numerous campsite offers.

For autonomous camping, there are options to charge using power converters (12V to 230V), power stations, and/or solar panels with an electricity connection. Mobile power stations are available in all price and quality ranges; the sky is the limit. It's worth having one if you want to be autonomous for an extended period. If you already have a larger battery installed in the van, a power converter, which is much cheaper, is also worth it. However, it is advisable to keep an eye on consumption so you can still use your other devices. Since we only took short tours, my battery lasted up to 3-4 days without needing a charge.

If you go to a trail park or bike park, there are charging stations on-site, but having an independent power source is definitely more comfortable.

E-bike charges from the camper's socket
E-bike charges from the camper's socket

Tip No. 3: Ebike Route Planning

In addition to different performance levels of riders, there are many other reasons to opt for an ebike. Especially when you are traveling in places that are not well signposted or a bit remote, you appreciate the greater range and additional reserves. Southern Sweden is relatively straightforward in this respect, but I've also been to Lapland. There are few signposted routes there, but a lot of potentials to discover something new and adventurous. In such situations, it makes sense to have an ebike to try out new paths, which you might have to turn back halfway through. The area can be explored much better with an ebike.

I've created a collection for our bike tours in southern Sweden on Komoot. Feel free to take a look to get inspired!

With e-bike on the bike path in Sweden
With e-bike on the bike path in Sweden

Tip No. 4: Got all the essentials with you? My packing list.

We embarked on our first camping adventure relatively naively and could have really benefited from a tip or two beforehand. That’s why I have a small packing list of the truly important things for you. Since we experienced not just summer weather, but also a lot of rain, this list makes sense if you're unsure about the weather to expect. When it's 30°C and midsummer at home for weeks and weeks in time, it's simply hard to imagine anything different.

Of course, Sweden is a superbly equipped industrial country where you can buy anything you might forget – at least in populated areas (with the exception of Lapland). However, during a bike vacation, you might miss some very specific items that are better to pack - and by doing so, you can also save money:

Ebike specific packing list:

  • Camping power station with or without solar panel
  • Power converter for off-grid charging
  • ebike charger
  • Optional range extender for the ebike

General packing list:

  • Bike locks: A large, secure one for in or on the camper, and a smaller one for coffee or shopping breaks
  • Tools and an air pump
  • Bike-specific spare parts like derailleur hangers, ebike transponders, etc.
  • 1-2 spare tubes and/or a tubeless repair kit
  • Cable ties and duct tape
  • 2 washing-up bowls (one for washing, the other for drying dishes)
  • Clothesline and pegs
  • Watering can for filling up fresh water and/or an extension hose
  • Water container
  • Kettle (if you have electricity and want to save gas)
  • Spare gas bottle
  • Doormat for bad weather
  • Garbage bags in all sizes (for trash, dirty items, or covering a cable drum in the rain)
  • Hand broom
  • Mosquito repellent and tick remover
  • Flashlight
  • Rain gear and sunscreen - you never know!

In addition, there are things you don't necessarily need and can be a nuisance if you don't have a lot of space. You can confidently leave the following items at home:

  • Too many of your own food items (you're on vacation in a foreign country – enjoy different foods – it's not as expensive as many claim)
  • Too much clothing (camping is rustic; sweatpants every day is fine) – better pack tube detergent and wash clothes now and then
  • Potatoes (no idea why we had those) ;-)
  • Bluetooth speaker – while camping, one should listen to nature!
Camping equipment on bike rack
Camper with canopy and e-bike

Tip No. 5: Fun Factor should be the priority.

Camping is an exciting experience filled with adventure and possibilities. Choosing the right spot, setting up the camper, and sharing responsibilities are all part of the charm of this unique form of travel. A road trip, where you wake up in a new place every day, constantly offers new experiences. Yes, there's a lot to do – from driving to cooking to setting up the camp – but that's what makes it so special. You're always on the move, discovering new things, and enjoying the closeness to nature in a compact space.

Camping provides a unique opportunity to focus on the simple joys of life. My advice: Enjoy every moment and take everything with a smile. I've experienced so many wonderful moments on my trip to Sweden! While air travel was once considered a luxury, I now see camping with an ebike as the true luxury – it allows me to focus on the essentials: biking, eating, sleeping, all in harmony with nature.

Steffi Marth sunbathing on the fjord jetty
Sunset over the water in Sweden
Steffi Marth laughing in cycling gear

Have you already found your dream bike?

Find the perfect ebike that suits you now and start your next adventure!


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