Discovering the natural ride feel Scotty Laughland's journey across the Pyrenees

After Scotland and Austria, the next destination for Scotty Laughland are the Pyrenees. The Spanish mountains, close to the French border, are a perfect place for e-biking. These majestic mountains have some of the best biking spots, which were previously unknown to Scotty. But the main reason he chose this area is to get to the bottom of the question: What is the natural ride feel of the TQ-HPR50 all about?

Over the course of five days, he explored four locations, each renowned for their unique trails. His journey started in the eastern part of the Pyrenees in Tremp, followed by Ainsa, then Calatayud, and finally meeting the sea in Hondarribia. To get the most out of this journey in these incredible locations, a lightweight enduro e-bike like the Scott Voltage with the TQ-HPR50 is the perfect choice. And the TQ Range Extender the key for reaching higher altitudes.

The TQ-HPR50, being the quietest motor in its class, allows you to fully enjoy the surrounding nature, as Scotty experienced in the Pyrenees. Hearing only your tires digging into the dirt and the wind in your face gives you a feeling of freedom. One of the best things about lightweight e-bikes is their incredible versatility. You can ride them any way you like, tackle almost any climb, and use the assist to extend your ride throughout the day. Alternatively, you can push them to their limits in the highest mode to conquer the most challenging uphill sections.

So what does “Natural ride feel” mean?

It's a feeling of riding without limitation, hitting whatever I want, exactly how I like, controlled and comfortably all whilst riding faster, further and without compromising any of the fun. How the bike handles, and how maneuverable and controllable it is, is another key element when I think of natural ride feel. The full TQ-HPR 50 system only weights 3.9 kilograms, which means I can be playful with the bike and tackle even the most technical sections of trails without holding back or compromising my riding style. «

Scotty Laughland

If you want to discover more about the Pyrenees and the TQ system, watch the video:

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