Scott Lumen eRIDE XC version

The lightest e-MTB in the world

The DangerLumen Project

Dangerholm is known worldwide for his bike conversions, so as expected, this is not his first project. But one thing is completely new for him! Scott threw him a curveball - the first conversion of an electrified mountain bike – the already super light Scott Lumen eRIDE with our TQ-HRP50.

The very clear goal is: Build the lightest e-MTB in the world.

So how do you build the lightest e-MTB in the world? Of course, it is so much easier said than done. A challenge bigger than Dangerholm’s thighs with an ambitious goal. Because it is not enough just to replace a few components such as wheels, forks and shocks. It takes not only the skill and creativity of Dangerholm, but also the inventive spirit and commitment of many manufacturers who came together to achieve this goal.

Even though the HPR50 is already inherently the lightest, quietest and smallest e-bike system in its class, our product managers and developers put everything on the line and worked with partners who made it possible for our system to become even lighter. Let’s get real deep into the tech.

Starting with the drive unit itself, the small powerhouse conversion:

  • Custom-made titanium motor bolts by the "METI" company.
  • Custom-made Ceramic Speed hybrid bearings, and as you might know – we have saved some grams here.

The most energy dense HPR50 360 Wh Battery conversion:

  • We made an extra carbon housing and swapped it for the regular aluminum battery housing. And we do not recommend this to try at home! But, it did what it was supposed to do, look sleek, fast, and most importantly, save weight.

The new cable harness has also allowed for weight savings. 

In total, the custom TQ-HPR50 components have saved a whole 278 g. That does not sound like much at first, but we're playing in a league where every single gram counts. In the end, an astonishing 12.9 kg (incl. pedals) stood on the scale, beating the already ambitious 15.5 kg.

It feels so much like a regular bike and I dare say that many would have a hard time, if not impossible, to tell that it's an e-bike when riding it without the assistance. And this was also a concept I really wanted to push with this build, to perhaps change people's perception about e-bikes a little bit. That an e-bike doesn't have to be "unrideable" if you run out of battery, and that you during a ride can opt to just have the assistance turned on when you feel like it. «


You can watch the entire conversion of the lightest E-MTB in the world, here:

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Dangerholm added one more trail oriented version of the Scott Lumen eRIDE with 14.04 kg, which is, of course, also worth seeing:

Dangerholm with Scott Lumen eRIDE trail version on mountain
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