Nikolaj erkundet Girona

Exploring Girona on E-Bike

As spring begins for us, summer is already knocking on Girona's door. Trek athlete Nikolaj Juhlsen Rasmussen takes the Fuel EXe with TQ-HPR50 to explore Girona and its surroundings.

Once again, the TQ-HPR50 proves to be the perfect choice for quick rides, allowing Nikolaj to discover the beauty of Girona and its surroundings in a short time.

Weapon of choice - The Trek Fuel EXe Alloy

The Fuel EXe offers everything you'd expect from a true trail bike. With 150/140 mm of travel and the compact, quiet TQ-HPR50 motor, it provides the perfect blend of natural riding feel and a good dose of tailwind.

To the bike

But Nikolaj didn't just enjoy himself on the trails; it also has enough reserves to breeze through any urban obstacle with ease. Watch the video here:

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