Scotty Laughland vor dem Mont Blanc

The Chamonix Challenge Three Challenges for Scotty Laughland

Chamonix is known for Big Mountain Riding. We sent Scotty Laughland to France and presented him with three challenges in the region around Mont Blanc. As a former professional racer, he now seeks new adventures and the next adrenaline rush. Plenty of reasons to take on these challenges and push himself to the limit with his Scott Lumen equipped with TQ-HPR50.

Challenge 1: Photoshoot with the Mont Blanc in the background

To start, Scotty must face the first challenge: finding a photo location where he poses with his bike against the backdrop of Mont Blanc. With a few tricks (non AI-related), he eventually reaches the summit of L'Aiguillette des Posettes and concludes the challenge with breathtaking pictures. The increasing difficulty from task to task became clear to him, especially during the second challenge…

Scotty Laughland auf dem Scott Lumen vor dem Mont Blanc
Blick auf den Mont Blanc
Scotty Laughland auf dem Scott Lumen

Challenge 2: Conquering 2,500 meters of altitude in a day

For the second challenge, Scotty had to tackle a total of 2,500 meters of ascent and descent with the E-bike between sunrise and sunset. He was allowed to use two Range Extenders.

He started at 7 a.m. By the time he had covered about 900 meters of altitude, he had already used up 88 % of his battery. Scotty realized that for every 10 meters of ascent, he used 1 % of the battery. This allowed him to comfortably handle 1,000 meters of altitude with a single battery charge, but it wasn't enough for the remaining 1,500 meters.

Time to deploy the Range Extenders. Upon reaching Vallorcine, he covered an additional 700 meters of altitude in less than an hour.

He then returned to the valley of Les Houches and began the final ascent of the challenge from the other side. Just in time, he reached the summit of the mountain shortly before sunset.

Scotty Laughland auf dem Scott Lumen
E-Bike Scott Lumen

Challenge 3: Riding where a normal E-bike can't go

Scotty faces the last challenge. Here, he has to conquer a trail that is normally impassable for a regular E-bike. His destination is the Refuge du Montenvers. During this route, he will have to cross a glacier and carry the E-bike at certain points. The route covers 1,250 meters of altitude over a distance of 7 kilometers, with gradients ranging from 5 % to 34 %. He plans for a 4-hour journey.

The Scott Lumen bike with the TQ-System weighs a total of 16.5 kilograms, making it remarkably portable — a quality typically not considered in a regular E-bike. This lightweight makes the bike an absolute handling machine. It enables not only conquering narrow trails and hairpin turns, but also effortlessly mastering the steepest inclines.

If you want to learn more about how Scotty fared during the challenges, watch the full video here:

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Chamonix Challenge
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