Yellow Trek Fuel Exe E-bike stands on green mossy forest floor

Trek Fuel EXe

Dawn of a new era

The Trek Fuel EXe with TQ technology is here to redefine mountain biking forever. Thanks to a drive unit that quietly assists you when you want it and disappears when you don’t. It’s the definition of a new and 100 % natural riding experience.


Pedaling into untouched terrain and positioned in between analog bikes and high-powered e-bikes the Fuel EXe silently blends in with nature thanks to a new technology, combined with the finest components the industry has on offer.

It doesn’t matter if you want to keep it causal with the 9.9 model, featuring the latest tech or if you are after the wireless and super light XX1 AXS as well as the innovative AirWhiz system – the Trek Fuel EXe offers it all and is completed by our revolutionary TQ-HPR50 drive unit. A system developed for satellites, space stations and mars rovers – approved by modern-day mountain bike riders.

Biker jumps with Trek Fuel EXe e-bike in forest at dusk

It's still biking, but better.

TQ technology, it's made for you.

Explore TQ Technology

We took care of the technology so you can clock in even more laps, and have fun on your uphill rides.

The Trek Fuel EXe features an OCLV carbon frame with a fully integrated 360 Wh battery and the space-proven TQ Harmonic Pin Ring transmission with a smart charging port, integrated LED display and a minimalistic remote as well as 150mm travel at the front and 140mm travel at the back.

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It’s quiet – but doesn’t everybody claim that?

The Fuel EXe sounds more like an traditional mountainbike than an e-bike.  «

This video demonstartes and explains just how quiet this new generation of e-mountain bikes truly is. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

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